LOST FUTURES volume 2 - still life

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Image of LOST FUTURES volume 2 - still life

LOST FUTURES is a zine about worlds that could have been, should have been, or weren't. Futures that tried to bring themselves into existence but whose spark burned out. Of the lives you might have had if things were different.

volume 2: still life is a BIG OL' BUMPER EDITION. brace yourself for people lost in the changes of the pandemic, caught in the throes of addiction, or meditating on what they could've done differently. there's a lot of lost or frozen love in this issue, but also an exploration of drone music, a look back to the lessons of ferris bueller's day off, and a consideration what endlessly 'refreshing the feed' does to us.

Featuring work by alena chapman, alyssa, britta frischu, cal beaney, christian kitson, craig ballinger, eve michell, halle preneta, harry minoprio, ian cusack, ian robson, j simpson, jon rainford, julia slupska, kieran cutting,lauren thomas, lydia pell, mj hunter brueggemann, melissa thomas, richard butterworth, rikki weir, roos kamies, s rupsha mitra, sarah odling, wyeth leslie and zach murphy.